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Well, that's not exactly how it happened, but you get the picture.

Why do people choose to work with Parkland Chef? There are two main reasons:

One. The Food. Keith's food is incredible. It's interesting, creative and unique—art on a plate. And no matter how spectacular the presentation, it always tastes at least as good as it looks.

Two. The Service. Working with us is easy. We're honest, straightforward business people. And we're as enthusiastic about your party as you are. We believe in building relationships and doing the best for our clients. Plus we have a loyal staff that chooses to work with us. And when
they work at your party, you'll see why we choose them!

chef keith

Meet chef keith

Keith Blauschild loves a good party. He always has. Ever since his childhood vacations to the Catskills, he remembers being intrigued by the excitement of the dining room. While other kids were playing limbo and eating mini hotdogs, Keith was peeking into the kitchen, chatting up the help to learn how the food was created. He knew then, he wanted to work in a professional kitchen.
He got his first opportunity to do so at 13 with a job as a dishwasher—and he’s been employed in kitchens ever since. He attended the Culinary Institute of America, graduating in 1988 on the Dean’s List. While there, he developed a side interest in ice carving. He became the President of the Ice Sculpting Club and was chosen to study in Japan with Master Ice Sculptors at Shinzo Ice Academy in Tokyo. He has since won awards in national competitions, appeared on network TV segments and created ice sculptures of celebrities that include President Clinton and the Rolling Stones.The artistry and precision required in his ice sculpting have served Keith well in his culinary career.

With 20 years of experience in the hotel and resort industry, he has held executive chef positions in a variety of top South Florida kitchens, including The Doral Resort and Country Club, Lauderdale Yacht Club. Polo Club Boca Raton and PGA Resort and Spa. In 2006, Keith realized that though he loved restaurant work, his true passion was for catering. That was when he founded Parkland Chef with his wife/business partner, Dena Lowell. With Parkland Chef, Keith prides himself on bringing together spectacular presentation and artistry with delicious food.
His ability to masterfully plan and execute parties of all sizes, themes and culinary styles has made his company one of the most successful catering ventures in the area.
In 2014 Keith and Dena opened a restaurant, The Cook and The Cork.


Meet dena

Working with Dena Lowell is like working with your best friend. If your best friend had impeccable taste and an impressive background in fashion. Dena’s career began in New York City,  where upon graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, she was employed by top name European and American fashion and jewelry designers, including Donna Karan. In 1989, Dena opened her own business selling and promoting fashion jewelry to over 300 prestigious retailers worldwide. Dena’s people skills helped her promote the designers she represented to top fashion editors, movie fashion designers and stylists to the stars. When Dena relocated to Florida, she transitioned into the catering industry, which for her was a natural progression. “Both fashion and food are about style and good taste,” Dena says. Dena brings to Parkland Chef a variety of valuable assets. Her creative vision and impeccable taste make every event she works on unique and special. Her hands-on approach and down-to-earth style make the planning of these events truly enjoyable and stress-free for clients.